Adidas got balls – NOT!

November 11, 2012


Watching yesterdays broadcasting of the draw to the Women’s European Championship in 2013, from the lovely country of mine: Sweden. It is a bright picture of my country they are showing to the rest of the world, with the scanning over all the host-towns where the struggle will take place on the fields. Suddenly, darkness […]

A brutal regime from the Middle Ages?

September 13, 2012


Tonight, I my eyes have been filled with tears of blood when I lay them on a heartbreaking photograph. Tears of blood spilled for the human being on the photograph, about to be killed by a cruel regime. The human being is crying out his innocence to the attendants at the worst kind of performance […]

No response from the society on Sweden playing China

September 7, 2012


Yesterday the Swedish National Football team for men played China in the town of Helsingborg. China, one of the world’s biggest criminals when it comes to human rights violations, invited by Sweden, one of the world’s biggest defenders of human rights. This is something that should have raised some voices in Sweden, especially in the […]

Heroines for other Heroines

August 9, 2012


Growing up as a teenager, for a human being, has never been an easy thing and it is not easier today. The spell of great expectations that the society are putting on the human beings that will become our future, are often rough and too high. It is not just that the parents are asking […]

The newborn Swedish heiress is drowned with presents

July 14, 2012


Watching a celebration from the Swedish becoming queen’s birthday, sent every summer on 14th of July (interesting fact: the Royal house of Sweden has its descent from France, that is celebrating their national-day on this day) on national television. I am not a royalist, but sadly I watched it because some of my favourite comedians […]

Make LGBTQ-questions a subject in elementary schools

May 24, 2012


Last week, we were making the world aware about the problems that LGBTQ-persons are facing, when throwing the IDAHOT-day. First of all, it is sad to see that we have to continue this struggle, because in the best of worlds we should not have to do that. But the best of worlds is not here […]

To express yourself through football – A human right?

May 8, 2012


Watching a documentary from the beautiful occupied Tibet, a country that should be independent. But we are unfortunately aware of the evil control by the Chinese regime, through different violations of human rights. Although this documentary from 2009, brings some light to the spiritual country in the east. The documentary is about a Danish football-project […]