The kick off in Rio 2014 means kick out

Posted on July 21, 2013


Not so very fun to talk about the future when you are walking hand in hand with Autumn’s Age. But as a lover of the noble sport football (not the American kind) you carry a wish that it will soon be summer of 2014, when we are going to experience some extraterrestrial work of the world’s greatest players in the struggle for the golden pot. A summer that we all wish will turn into a wonderful summer, such as 1994 when our Swedish heroes dug bronze in the US. But the summer of 2014 will not be that wonderful for everybody and specially those who are a part of the marginalized people in the lower classes in South America’s brightest shining country.

For a long time people have lost their places to live and their means of livelihood and the time left up to  kick off this will continue. There is a deportation going on of the less well-off individuals and their families. They were deported/are deported to create stadiums, spaces and housings for the ones that will be playing and the ones that will watch the greatest championship in the football’s Mecca, Brazil. It is not just that they lose their homes, the compensation is horrible or the new homes that they are compensated with are substandard. Many human beings have raised their voices out in the streets to indicate the injustice by the Brazilian state in this case (but also generally because of the inferior politic during a long time). This is something that the world around should support and try to help affect the injustice that hit the less well-off individuals.

Despite that the know-it-all-leauge claim that football and politics do not belong together, it does. A football-game between Honduras and El Salvador at the end of the 1960’s started a war, which is a strong evidence that politics and football have a connection. Furthermore, we watch our greatest football-stars become ambassadors for different UN-agencies and the football’s principal organs have started many campaigns against racism etc., with stars as drawing cards. Therefore, it feels like it is time to hit a long ball in this question as well och not let this ball roll out of the field.

With this defense in the back, I urge the Swedish Football Association to bring up the question of Brazil’s treatment of its inhabitants in meetings with the football’s principal organ and the Brazilian Football Association. It would also be nice if some of Sweden’s brightest stars criticize this as well. Imagine to hear Zlatan Ibrahimovic have a dig at Dilma Rousseff in an interview, for  not taking care of this evil action. Everyone that is thinking about the unfortunate souls that have been affected by the football fever in the wrong way, probably wishes that other stars speaks out about this as well.

I also feel that a boycott of the 2014 WC is close at foot and I almost wish that Sweden does not reach the fight for the Cup. Because I want to scream GOOOOOOL with a good conscience.