Boom you are dead!

Posted on June 28, 2013


Once again has the American decision-makers succeeded in averting the world’s view on the overuse of weapon in the society, by the help of the new more extensive Watergate-scandal (Snowden-scandal). But when I read in my newspaper, I am harshly reminded of the consequences to let ordinary man and women to use weapon.

A prostitute visited a customer to perform a service in the American State of Texas. However, the service was never performed by the lady, but yet she took the agreed amount of money when she left. This made the customer really upset to the extent  that he shoot her. The customer confessed that he committed the crime. With that background-information you believe that this text would handle the punishment for this, but unfortunately it does not…

The killer of this human being (yes, despite the fact that she was a prostitute she was like everyone else) was cleared! Cleared, despite all the indicators that were pointed at his direction. The reason that he was cleared, which was invoked by the killer’s lawyer, is that the “State of the free” has a law that allow a person that has been deprived a possession to use deadly force!

In every human being that is longing for justice obvious questions appear regarding this. Will this act (and decree) mean that the police is an unnecessary actor in the society? The fastest and cheapest way in the future will be: that if you get a report of a shooting, you send an undertaker at once and that you give all inhabitants a weapon that they can use when someone has stolen something from them.

This time it was a woman who was affected by this vicious deed and above all a prostitute. What would have happened if it had been an “honorable”  women and additionally rich as well? What would have happened with the perpetrator? Would he get away with it? I doubt it strongly, possibly because it was a woman. If it would have been a male prostitute the outcome probably had been the same. But if it had been a successful man, with a strong influence in the society the killer would probably be incarcerated.

As in every other tragedy of this grade, it is the “little man” who is losing. It is contacts, power and money that counts in these cases.