The season to be jolly and generous

Posted on December 26, 2012


Now is the season to be jolly and have a jolly time with friends and family. It is also a time when we tend to become more generous. More generous against other human beings that is living in despair all over this planet. The generosity is of course a very good thing and should be honoured. But even so, if you go deeper, you will find something to question about the seasonally good deed.

Of course, we need this time of the year to bring joy to each other, through the gifts, food and love we offer. But not everyone in our various societies over the world get acknowledged for being a human being, not even in one of the most traditional countries of the world when it comes to christmas: Sweden. When I walk the streets of my hometown, Malmoe, I get frustrated when I see our fellow human beings on their knees trying to make the ones passing them by aware of their situation. But not many seems to care and do not even acknowledge them with a smile in the season when we are supposed to spread joy and happiness. It would be nice if we just give them the smile that they so well deserve or better up enter the nearest shop and by them something to eat and drink.
But this is, of course, something we should do not just this time of the year, because their dreadful situation will not disappear when the joy have left town.

We are also really anxious to donate money to various charities during this time of the year. Instead of buying a lot of meaningless presents, we give money in the name of our near and dear ones to help our fellow human beings develop in “another” or “our” world. This is also something that brings a smile to my normally indifferent smile, indifferent because of the loss of faith in people’s kindness. Christmas tends to make people see beyond their normal standard answer: “but the money will not help, it end up in the bosses pockets and no one that are supposed to enjoy the money get it. It never improves” when asked to donate money. It is no problem for me that people’s thoughts wander that way, even if I usually ask people what would happen to “Status Quo” if we do not give any money at all. Although, it is nice to see that they are celebrating humanity this way during christmas.
But, as earlier mentioned, we need to donate all the time. It is not enough to concentrate on holiday-gifts, even if it make a difference.

Therefore, first, I would like to urge everyone to be more generous when walking down the street meeting people living in despair. Secondly, I also would like to urge everyone to find a charity and donate something every month.
We do not want human beings to disappear or die, not in our streets and not in any other human beings’ street.