Adidas got balls – NOT!

Posted on November 11, 2012


Watching yesterdays broadcasting of the draw to the Women’s European Championship in 2013, from the lovely country of mine: Sweden. It is a bright picture of my country they are showing to the rest of the world, with the scanning over all the host-towns where the struggle will take place on the fields. Suddenly, darkness is starting to shade the light of the broadcast and my joy for the game of football is suppressed.

The reason to the shattering of my joy, is the presentation of the main character in the next summer’s finals: the football. It feels like I have been kicked in my heart, when I realize that they are going to use a ball made by Adidas. A label that has a lot of mouldy sport-sweaters in its closet, when it comes to workers rights.

I thought that the European Football Association is obliged to behave in an ethical way, especially when we are talking about the procurement of the main character, but apparently not. To chose Adidas as the manufacturer of the football, provides me with a suspicious mind. The Football Association is bought by Adidas and they turn a blind eye to their crimes against its supplier’s workers. One of their crimes is a matter of fact brought to the spotlight as we speak.
For over a year and a half, 2,800 ex-Kizone workers have fought for the severance pay they are owed since their boss suddenly closed the factory and fled the country. Over the last six months Kizone workers have been joined by thousands of supporters from across the world who have taken action demanding that Adidas pay up.
This and similar actions by Adidas is indirectly supported by the Football Association, because it will feed the mischievous company with more money.

Therefore, I urge the European Football Association to tell Adidas to pay up to the human beings that have providing them with richness in the first place. They should use the money earned in the deal with the Football Association to pay up.
Furthermore, in the future the footballs that should be used at the EC:s, both for men and women, are Fairtrade-balls. Because Fairtrade is a label that ensure the supplier’s workers with a fair salary and more.
Play Fair!