A brutal regime from the Middle Ages?

Posted on September 13, 2012


Tonight, I my eyes have been filled with tears of blood when I lay them on a heartbreaking photograph. Tears of blood spilled for the human being on the photograph, about to be killed by a cruel regime. The human being is crying out his innocence to the attendants at the worst kind of performance you can imagine. He is standing with his hand bound, with desperation and fear in the still so vivid eyes. But, in a moment a rope around his neck will squeeze his last breath and will make his parents childless.

As you read this, I believe that the first thing you will think about is this world’s cruel history, especially the Middle Ages. A time in the history when an execution was something that entertained the public and the sentenced to death did not experience a fair verdict. However, this thought is far from what I saw. The cruel regime is unfortunately one that is alive and kicking.

Iran is governed by a gang of thugs, that is defending their killing of its citizen by naming the accusations with: enmity against god, enemy of the state and more. The regime act harsh against people who are trying to enjoy their undeniable human rights. Women are prohibited from attending universities and are persecuted when doing something “immoral”. But still the world’s leaders do not do enough to stop this.

I call out to the leaders of the world to take the responsibility and end the evil deeds by one of the world’s most oppressive regime. If you do not take this responsibility and stand silent you will be as guilty as the regime itself. Start the journey of shredding the regime’s government, kicking them out of the United Nations.