No response from the society on Sweden playing China

Posted on September 7, 2012


Yesterday the Swedish National Football team for men played China in the town of Helsingborg. China, one of the world’s biggest criminals when it comes to human rights violations, invited by Sweden, one of the world’s biggest defenders of human rights. This is something that should have raised some voices in Sweden, especially in the media. But not even the Swedish Football Association got the chance to leave their classical “politics and football do not belong together”-comment.

There are a lot of things to be said about China’s treatment of its citizens and other state’s citizens. The Chinese regime torture, kill, evict and more in the name of the nationalism. These terrible things should be covered by the media when China is invited to a human rights-defending country. Unfortunately they do not mention it at all and you start to believe that they also think that politics and sport do not belong together. But I would like to suggest for them, something that they can use the next time China is invited to Sweden.

Apart from the abuses I mentioned above, they are doing some bad deeds in the world of sport as well:
Many experiments taking place to produce the perfect athlete, such as the basketball-player Yao Ming.
Young children are taken away from their parents to be put in sport schools.
The children’s bodies are misused in any way imagined to make them become the best in their class, for a while… Many of them have to retire early because of this.
This behavior by the regime of its citizens should of course be stopped. But if the rest of the world keep on honour China’s success in the world of sports, they can continue with the abuses. Therefore, it is important to highlight this problem together with the ordinary human rights abuses.

Dear media, next time China is invited to Sweden, please highlight the abuse of children in their sport-schools, if you are not writing about the overall human rights abuses. It is your duty.