Heroines for other Heroines

Posted on August 9, 2012


Growing up as a teenager, for a human being, has never been an easy thing and it is not easier today. The spell of great expectations that the society are putting on the human beings that will become our future, are often rough and too high. It is not just that the parents are asking too much, the other children are pushing each other as well. From the parents point of view we must work hard to become successful and from the other children’s point of view, be accepted, must have this or that artifact, look like this or that. This goes for all children, but one part of them seems to always have to struggle more: the girls.

Girls are almost always living in the periphery of the society, even if the ones in power tells us different. The world’s girls shall not take up space in any forum. They should listen when a boy speaks. This is beyond the fact that they are mentally, violently and sexually abused. They should not speak up about this “reasonable” treatment, because they are after all nr. 2 among human creatures (sometimes nr. 3 among creatures). No matter which society we are talking about these tendencies seems to make the rules, directly or indirectly; openly or internally.
Unfortunately, this means that the girls lacks trust in authorities and do not want to contact them for advice or support. Instead, there are other important instances that is doing everything they can to keep the girls above the surface of the Lake of Hard Knocks.

In the little town of Eslöv in a municipality close to the third largest town in Sweden, Malmoe, there is a small group of dedicated human beings that is trying to give young girls the support they lacks from their families and the society overall. They try to support them and help them if they feel insecure when it comes to topics such as the human body, feelings, love and more. This dedication from these human beings is something that everyone in the society should be proud of and supportive to, but this is unfortunately not the truth.

Tjejjouren i Eslöv (Young women’s empowerment centers in Eslöv) is doing a marvellous work for human beings who identifies themselves as a young woman. The organisation is idealistic and non-profit, which means that they need a lot of money to keep their work going. They get support from some companies or from people who hold collections at different venues.
Sadly, the ones that should chip in the largest amount of money is not doing it: the municipality of Eslöv. As usually, as many other municipalities, they do no see the effect this amazing work the heroines will do in the long run. While the ones in power discuss if they should give or not should give money to this organization girls are suffering for themselves with no one to turn to (they often do not rely on the municipalities’ institutions). Tjejjouren i Eslöv cannot be open as much as they want or employ someone who is taking care of the administrative work. The beautiful human beings that is working idealistically must take care of everything themselves. But as in many cases, these driving forces will not go on forever and start to live their own life. This is the effect you will get when the municipalities are not supporting a splendid activity.

Therefore, I urge all municipalities to start support these beloveable efforts much more than they are doing. Otherwise, in the long run, the society will struggle with the young women’s problems through all their life.