The newborn Swedish heiress is drowned with presents

Posted on July 14, 2012


Watching a celebration from the Swedish becoming queen’s birthday, sent every summer on 14th of July (interesting fact: the Royal house of Sweden has its descent from France, that is celebrating their national-day on this day) on national television. I am not a royalist, but sadly I watched it because some of my favourite comedians were attending. It got even more sad when I realised that they support the royalist way of living by doing their thing.

I was informed at the end of the show that Estelle, the newborn heiress to the throne, was drowned in presents from the public. Of course, me like everyone else enjoy when people give another human being presents, but I am not convinced that this was the right child to flood with presents. Her family has a lot of stuff already and she will also be economically independent through all her life.

A couple of months, the Swedish Red Cross delivered a report about poverty among children in Sweden. The report told us that about 10 % of the children in Sweden lived in poverty. They do not get enough to eat, wear the same clothes all the time and are also excluded from activities that will bring them a good health or develop their skills they have.
These human beings are the ones that should get things instead of the heiress. If there is any empathy staying at the Swedish Royal house, they would exchange the presents for money and give it to the poor children in Sweden. If they do that, then maybe I will accept my favourite comedians taking part of the celebrations of the Royal family.