Make LGBTQ-questions a subject in elementary schools

Posted on May 24, 2012


Last week, we were making the world aware about the problems that LGBTQ-persons are facing, when throwing the IDAHOT-day. First of all, it is sad to see that we have to continue this struggle, because in the best of worlds we should not have to do that. But the best of worlds is not here yet.
All over the world people who belongs to the LGBTQ-community are abused physically and mentally, sadly, often with death as a result, either committed by someone else or by themselves. Many are forced to stay in the closet and live a fake life, known or unknown to their relatives. This happens even in the most “enlightened” countries and we need a stronger force to break this awful trend.

Sweden is a country that has a greater tolerance than many other democratic countries, although, there are still a lot of problems to face for the LGBTQ-community. For example, I am a heterosexual, but I support The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) through a membership. Every month I receive a wonderful periodical from this organization, delivered by regular mail. Although, it is always a mystery to solve for me when I receive it. The organization has to put the periodical in an unmarked envelope and this they do for every member of the organization. In the long run this is draining the organization of money, money that would have been more useful in their campaigns.
The point here is that we still in the 21st century in Sweden have to hide our “secrets” to others as if I have ordered some pornographic stuff.

However, this is far from the worst thing that a LGBTQ-person has to put up with.

At the moment I am working at a school and every day I have to correct pupils that are using a bad language involving something LGBTQ-related. This language has its origin in the bad environment the youth are spending their time in today. Movies, games on the mobile/computer, music and of course the kitchen table at home are places were the lesser good values are developing. In this environment, if you are a LGBTQ-person, you will probably stay in the closet.

Therefore, we need to take action at an early age to stop the ball of anti-LGBTQ from increasing its pace.

It is time to implement LGBTQ-related questions on the schoolschedule. We need to help the youth become aware of what they say and why it is wrong to use the anti-LGBTQ language. If we not do this, the society will become more harsh against the LGBTQ-community and the land that is won through a hard struggle by icons such as Harvey Milk, will be lost. This education should start as early as possible, preferably in the 3rd or 4th grade. It is during this age in life that most of the children start to develop mentally and bodily.
I urge the Reichstags, parliaments and other instances to start discussing the need of the LGBTQ-questions as a subject in school and make it a law.