To express yourself through football – A human right?

Posted on May 8, 2012


Watching a documentary from the beautiful occupied Tibet, a country that should be independent. But we are unfortunately aware of the evil control by the Chinese regime, through different violations of human rights. Although this documentary from 2009, brings some light to the spiritual country in the east.

The documentary is about a Danish football-project (with support from Tibetan football-leaders as well) in which they want to help Tibet form a national football-team. For me, as a huge lover of the game, I get very excited by the project-leader’s amazing engagement for the boys that wants to represent their country, Tibet. The leaders are doing a wonderful work with the team both on and of the pitch, and they try to adapt to their player’s humble way on the field (they do not enjoy the rough side of the game).
Of course, they have a problem to form the team, because of the discriminative work by the Chinese authorities. Players inside Tibet, have a problem to get the right papers to leave the country (Tibet) and players outside Tibet are afraid of repressions by the Chinese authorities against themselves and their families still in Tibet. Finally, the team is formed, but unfortunately, not the best.

At this moment, you feel a comforting warmth in your chest and looking forward to see the team play with pride wearing the first Tibetan national dress. They travel to Greenland, an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, with happiness and humbleness in their hearts. Once there, they feel free and even if Greenland is one of the coldest places on earth they feel a warm wind of comfort from the population. But soon the wind will change.
The national team of Tibet thought they left the harassment of the Chinese regime back home, but the regime is still present. They are trying to stop them from playing the game the peace-seeking Tibetans love, when they put a political pressure on the city where the game is supposed to take place. Fortunately, the politicians in the city do not cave in to the repressive Chinese regime and the game is on. My heart is filled with joy and warmth when I see these amazing Tibetans playing the game they love. The crowd, mostly people from Greenland is supporting the Tibetans as much as the team of Greenland. They lose the game but they are winners! They have challenged the Chinese regime for the love of the game. Now it is time for the rest of the world to challenge China politically and Tibet on the pitch.

As the ball is kicked around the world by the wonderful players of Tibet, the beautiful people of Tibet is still kicked around by the Chinese regime, without any reaction from the world. The rest of the world must get in to the game and counterattack the Chinese regime’s repressive offence on the Tibetan people and help the Tibetans get possession over their own country. Other countries must invite the Tibetan team for international games at their national stadiums and FIFA must let them compete in the international tournaments. Finally, it would be nice if we made an optional protocol to the Covenant on Civil and Political Rights containing the Freedom of playing football for all countries.