Sweden still lacks an equal society between women and men

Posted on April 23, 2012


During the last week, if you are an individual caring for an equal society between women and men in Sweden, you have been very upset. Even if Sweden claims that they are doing everything they can in the struggle for an equal society and to keep the society equal, it was sad to hear that the chauvinistic view was back in the game.

The Swedish national football-team for men has succeeded in qualifying for this summer’s European Championships in Ukraine and Poland. As a Swede I am really happy about that and I hope that we can make it to the last round, bringing the Cup to the place where it belong. In every town in Sweden people will gather and make this championship a giant party. In the city’s parks and other big venues the games will be shown on giant screens. This was a loveable initiative, until I was told about the city of Gothenburg’s discriminative action.

At the same time as the EC for men is taking place, the Swedish national football-team for women will host an international tournament. A tournament consisting of the best teams in the world among them, the world champions, Japan. The national team for women has a national arena, where they are supposed to play all their international games and it is based in Gothenburg. The players of the national team have been looking forward to play this tournament at this venue. Sadly, the city of Gothenburg did not seem to be that eager.
The city of Gothenburg decided to make the national arena for women to a camp for the people of Gothenburg who wants to see the Swedish national team for men play the EC. They are going to place a giant screen on the field, just like a drive-in cinema. Many were outrageous when aware of this discriminative action taken by the city of Gothenburg, especially the players and told the city of Gothenburg to move the giant screen from the field before the Swedish national team for women’s games. They said it was impossible to do that, because of the size of the screen. The anger grew even stronger and after a long discussion they decided to change their mind. When the women play there will be no screen on the field during the tournament.

It is nice to see that the city of Gothenburg changed their mind, about the giant screen. Although, this discussion only shows that Sweden is still not filling the dress of equality for the woman. There should not have been any discussion about this, the Swedish national team of women should have been more important than the giant screen in the first place.

Therefore, I urge the city of Gothenburg to look over their policy, about discrimination against women.
Furthermore, the Swedish Football Association must raise their voice, when a discriminative action such as this occur.