Better to give food instead of money to beggars?

Posted on April 9, 2012


Strolling down the streets of my beautiful and spiritual town of Malmoe in the south of Sweden, this grey and rainy Sunday. The street is empty and even if you can spot everyone that walk the streets, you find some people who are invisible for almost everyone. Human beings that are struggling for their lives through begging.

Many of these human beings are forced to beg by gangs, just like a business. The “workers” beg and the “company-leaders” gets the money in the end. But as you can understand this is trafficking on a high level. I have witnessed it with my own eyes. One day when I was sitting on a bus, I saw a man standing and taking money from one the beggars, apparently a middleman. Unfortunately, the bus moved away to fast and I did not manage to take a picture of this vicious deed, that I could hand over to the authorities.
They offer these human beings a better future in a western country, but trick them in to slavery. To appeal to the “donors” they use already disabled or make them act as disabled. If they are not already disabled, I believe that they will be if they act as one (for example the shaking) or will become one because of the weather. If they get ill the qualifying period probably will be longer than one day.

Apart from supporting organizations that are trying to stop human trafficking, what can we as a fellow human being do for these poor souls that is forced in to begging? We know that if we give them money, they will not be allowed to keep it. The middleman takes their share and the rest will fuel this “business” even more. The authorities seem to have lost control over this mischievous “market” and it will not help to turn to them at the moment. I will hereby give you a shortsighted solution for the sake of the unfortunate souls that is forced out in the streets by the devil’s mercenaries.

These beggars do not get a share of the money collected as I mentioned earlier. Hopefully, they get some food in the evening when their day work is finished, but probably not enough to care for their health. During the day, they will probably not get a lunch-break or any food at all.
When I met these beggars with my eyes I put on a smile and say no when they ask me for money. That is the first thing I would like to ask you to do when you meet them. Almost every human being will be filled with warmth inside if someone recognize their existence. Lower your eyes to their level and smile.
The last couple of weeks when I have walked the streets as the strongest man in the world, I carry some fruit with me. This is very handy, because if I meet one of these poor souls, I will make them happy for a moment and they will get some nourishment that may last for some hours. Fruit, you say, why not proper food? Unfortunately, there are bad human beings that have tried to kill beggars by putting glass, poison or more in food, which means that they are not willing to eat it. Therefore, I would like to urge you to give some fruit when you meet a beggar.

Of course, you will find beggars in the streets that are not abused by a gang. When I meet them, I still try to give them something to eat and you can do that as well. Just ask them what they want to eat.