A delusive answer from the Swedish Govt. regarding Syria’s evil embassy in Sweden

Posted on March 28, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Swedish Foreign Ministry about the evil embassy of Syria in Sweden. I urged them to close the embassy and deport the workers faithful to the regime (of course not Swedish citizen’s), because I have learned from reliable sources that agents working at the embassy are harassing exile-Syrians living in Sweden. One source is a former ambassador and you will find his testimony here.
Their answer was very promising about their collaboration with the world community’s action against the Syrian regime in Syria. Although, they totally ignored my proposal to close the Syrian embassy and to deport the agents. This is not just an ignorant action against me, it is also an ignorant action taken against the exile-Syrians threatened by the Syrian regime’s agents in Sweden.

My message to the Swedish Foreign Ministry:
“The reason for me contacting you, is the situation of many exiled-Syrians in Sweden. It has come to my knowledge that the Syrian Embassy in Sweden, with the help of the Syrian regime faithful residing in Sweden, victimizing the Syrians in Sweden. They have threatened them and their relatives with death if they continue to fight for freedom in Sweden. It is not acceptable to use the diplomatic immunity in this way and this must come to an end. The treatment by the Syrian regime against its own people in Syria is of course not acceptable either.

Therefore, I urge the Swedish Government to:
Close the Syrian Embassy in Sweden;
Expel the staff of the Embassy from Sweden;

In addition, I would like to urge you to:
Act more harshly against the brutal Syrian regime.”

Here is the not so satisfying response:
“Thank you for your letter and your comments on the situation in Syria. I have been asked to reply you. I would like to begin this letter by apologising for the delayed answer.

Sweden has, since the violence and abuses against the civilian population started, acted within the EU, the UN and other international fora in order to increase the pressure on the regime in Damascus. Sweden and the EU’s policy is clear and has found expression in a series of Council conclusions and statements by the EU’s High Representative for foreign and Security Affairs as well as in the statements by the minister for Foreign Affairs Carl Bildt. The message is that the violence and repression must immediately cease and that Assad has to step aside to make room for a peaceful transition to democracy and that those responsible for the violence and human rights violations should be brought to justice. Sanctions have also been issued against the Syrian regime.

The UN general Assembly has adopted two resolutions on Syria. One about the human rights situation and one about the general situation in Syria. Resolutions, both of which were adopted by an overwhelming majority, condemned the serious and systematic violations of human rights in the country, urged the regime to respect human rights and to put an end to the violence, expressed support for the Arab League’s commitment and initiative, and urged the regime to cooperate with, and give access to, United Nations representatives.

Sweden and the European Union have also expressed disappointment that the UN Security Council failed to adopt a Security Council resolution on Syria. We continue to actively work so the question will be discussed again. This work is done in close cooperation with the Arab League, Turkey and the United Nations.

On 23 February, the UN’s former Secretary-General, Kofi Annan was appointed to the United Nations and the Arab League’s joint Envoy for the crisis in Syria. His mission is to contribute to the end of violence and human rights violations and to promote a peaceful solution to the situation. The Swedish Government has welcomed the appointment. One of the main issues for Annan is to provide and access for humanitarian operations.

Swedish humanitarian assistance to Syria 2011 amounted to 56,4 million SEK. Slightly more than SEK 29 million was channelled through Sida, which in turn outlined support for UNHCR, UNICEF, UNRWA, IFRC, ICRC and other humanitarian actors. Via the UN emergency fund CERF helped Sweden with 3.9 million SEK. Furthermore, went 23 million SEK by Sweden’s support for the WFP to Syria in 2011.

In 2012, Sweden has so far contributed $ 6.8 million in humanitarian aid to Syria, of which slightly more than 4 million by the UN emergency fund CERF. The remainder have been channelled through the Agency of social preparedness, MSB, through operations in support of UN humanitarian preparedness.”

You are more than welcomed to send your own message to the Swedish Foreign Ministry by using this form.