Update: Even more mean business with Saudi-Arabia by Sweden

Posted on March 14, 2012


How long will Sweden be a part of the killing of thousands of freedom-seeking fellow human beings? How can we live with the knowledge that our welfare is increasing through the revenues that the sale of weapons generates, simultaneously as we strengthen dictatorships’ defense against a more democratic society and human rights? It is something that we ask ourselves, the aware and considerate Swedes without guilt. Unfortunately, it is not something that the ones who sign deals, produces and sell murder-weapons reflects over.

Some couple of months ago, a group of officers from Saudi-Arabia arrived to the head office of SAAB in Järfälla, Sweden for a study visit. What in the world might these gentlemen (of course no female officers) be interested in discussing at the head office of SAAB? New trucks for transport? A suggestion that SAAB will offer the Saudi government with the latest car-design for transportation in duty? No, of course the study visit was about an interest in shopping some weapons now in the financial crisis climax (yes, the Swedish cash-box needs a refill) and it is not the first time. The study visit creates a reaction of questions, that has must be answered by the Swedish government.

A week ago, further frustrating news, especially if you are a peace-loving Swede, reached us through reliable sources. Sweden has, since 2007, been providing Saudi-Arabia with experts to build a factory for weapons manufacturing. Swedish Defence Research Agency’s representatives have visited Saudi-Arabia to give them advice on where on the Saudi-Arabian soil the factory should be built. This is indeed very shameful for Sweden, but it get even worse. During these years, the above mentioned project has been known by the government, which is of course unacceptable. A democratic country, which Sweden still is, is providing a dictatorship with knowledge to suppress its own citizens even more. My heart cries.

Through this mean business, Sweden indirectly make these abuses legitimate (among others):
Women’s rights:
The woman is discriminated in law and is thus not equal to the man. The man is determining everything about marriage, divorce, custody of children och freedom of movement. Violence against women can be going on unhindered inside the family’s four walls.
Religious Rights:
Crackdowns is laid on Christians and Muslims that in different ways is trying to practice their religion. When they are visiting different institutions or is celebrating important religious holidays.
Freedom of expression:
Human rights-activists and -advocates, journalists, those in opposition and others, are imprisoned and are prosecuted for being dissidents.

Is this a country that anyone should sell high-tech weapons to? It is sensational that Sweden has sold and is considering to sell weapon to a country that is opposing the values that we stand for. In our society today, we are supposed to think with the wallet and on ourselves. Therefore, it is not remarkable that those in power in Sweden are selling themselves to the price of the killing of innocent human beings. The Swedish cash-box gets a strong increase and the government can proudly present a bearish unemployment when people get jobs in the weapon-industry (or the subcontractors), and at the same time is Sweden support the decrease of this worlds population.