Do not forget China this year!

Posted on March 7, 2012


Do not forget China this year! Many of this world’s countries are enthralled by the Reich of the Sun’s development in the economical sector and wants to become as strong as them, especially some countries belonging to the European Union’s monetary cooperation. What these gold-diggers are missing about the success of the People’s Republic of China, is the cost of their citizen’s life and I hope that they will not follow that path to strengthen their country financially. I would like to take the opportunity to present some of the important topics here, that the world must act upon. In every topic you will find many human rights abuses.

Prisoners of conscience – “Disappearances”
For ages, the People’s Republic of China has done everything in their power to silence human beings that are not following the country’s collective path. They silence them by incarcerating them, put them in house-arrest and more, which affect the incarcerated’s families. If they are not imprisoned they are under surveillance and hindered from going abroad. The most famous abuse of human rights by the regime in Beijing the recent years is the imprisonment of Liu Xiabao, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He is still in detention and his wife was not allowed to go to Oslo to collect the prize. The regime was struck by the decision to give the prize to a “criminal”.
Nowadays, the regime has come up with another splendid abuse to use against dissidents: legal disappearances. The legal disappearances are prohibited in International Law, but as many times before the Chinese regime is not taking notice about this. Human Rights Watch’s latest annual report tells us that: “Chinese security agencies rounded up dozens of the country’s most outspoken critics, including the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, and “disappeared” them for weeks outside of any legal protection and judicial procedure. Upon their release, several of those people reported being subjected to forced sleep deprivation, interrogations, and “abusive threats” while in custody.” This new action against dissidents is an outrage and the world must urge China to end it.

Workers rights
To have a work in China does not always mean that you will have a chance to earn money so that your life will be fine. It can provide you a quick death as well.
In China you can find the world’s deadliest jobs in a coal mine. You cannot get a hold on the exact figure of how many that loses their lives in the mines, but some say it is ca. 20.000 each year. Although, this sad figure do not contain the diabolic diseases that will strike everyone that works in a mine, especially black lung. The regime has set out a lot of regulations and if not followed by the companies, mines can be blown up. However, the regime only seem to laid this down on the paper and do not take so much action against the bad companies. This abuse of its citizens are a grave violation against the International Labour Rights and the regime must be held responsible for this.
Working in a mine

The occupied Tibet
Forced sterilization is something that is very common in the countryside, especially in the occupied Tibet. The Chinese regime says that the region is on its way to an overpopulation, although, the population is 1 million less since the start of the occupation. Without consent the regime is forcing women to hospitals or other facilities where the sterilization is taking place. They do not get any anaesthesia and after the operation they are not provided with much or any painkillers at all. Several women have died after the operations or live with pain for the rest of their life.

The world seems to be very ignorant, when it comes to behaviour of the citizens of the areas that China is occupying. Tibet, is one devastating example of that. The treatment of the inhabitants of the occupied Tibet is heartbreaking if you are a peace-, democracy- and human rights-loving and not a politician. As I mentioned earlier the world’s politicians and executives seems to be enthralled by the Chinese regimes progressive economic work and do business with them, in every imaginable way. This without asking any questions about the treatment of the Tibetans, because they are afraid of losing money, instead of trying to save the Tibetan’s life.
The Tibetans are mistreated in many ways and they are not allowed to raise their voice against the abuses and discrimination. The Chinese regime use disproportional force to strike down demonstrations and they do not give injured demonstrators access to medical care. This violation is of course a crime against International Law, but the regime thinks it stands above it and will continue to do so as long as no one will challenge them.
Still, the world community do not listen to the Tibetans cry for help and the Chinese regime continue to violate both the people and the country.
Forced sterilization

The above mentioned violence against International Law and Human Rights is just a tip of the iceberg. I have not even talked about the death penalty, refugee rights, poverty, land-grabbing, starvation, the Uighurs and more, but they will never be forgotten.
Therefore, I urge the world community to not be enthralled by China’s progressive work in economy etc., and take a stronger action against the above mentioned misdeeds by the Chinese regime.