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A delusive answer from the Swedish Govt. regarding Syria’s evil embassy in Sweden

March 28, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Swedish Foreign Ministry about the evil embassy of Syria in Sweden. I urged them to close the embassy and deport the workers faithful to the regime (of course not Swedish citizen’s), because I have learned from reliable sources that agents working at the embassy […]

Sweden is trying to deport persecuted Iranian asylum-seekers

March 21, 2012


My country is still trying to violate International Law by sending people back to Iran, that is persecuted by the regime. If deported to Iran, the asylum-seekers will face detention and torture. Therefore, I would like to ask you to send the Swedish message below through the registrator: with subject: Deportationen av skyddsbehövande iranska […]

Update: Even more mean business with Saudi-Arabia by Sweden

March 14, 2012


How long will Sweden be a part of the killing of thousands of freedom-seeking fellow human beings? How can we live with the knowledge that our welfare is increasing through the revenues that the sale of weapons generates, simultaneously as we strengthen dictatorships’ defense against a more democratic society and human rights? It is something […]

Do not forget China this year!

March 7, 2012


Do not forget China this year! Many of this world’s countries are enthralled by the Reich of the Sun’s development in the economical sector and wants to become as strong as them, especially some countries belonging to the European Union’s monetary cooperation. What these gold-diggers are missing about the success of the People’s Republic of […]