Welcome to (S)hell!

Posted on February 18, 2012


If you are looking for a really bad ass oil-company with excellent oil mixed with blood, then I would like to suggest Shell for you. The multinational company that is trampling the life’s of many human beings in a way that would create some jealousy amongst the inhabitants of Jurassic Parc.

The company has been present in the Niger Delta since the late 1950’s and 600 billions of earned dollars later they are still taking advantage of people that do not have the strength to defend themselves. Unfortunately, the Nigerian regime is not doing anything to protect their citizens against this giant, because they profit from Shell’s abuse.
The people in the Niger Delta is suffering in any possible way both mentally and bodily, with addition of extreme poverty. Many of the poor souls cannot earn their and their family’s living, because their land/workplace is devastated by Shell’s crimes.
It is not just that they abuse the land and people, they do not take the responsibility for their actions. They do not clean up after accidents and they do not pay any reparation to the victims.

This treatment of the land and people of Nigeria is of course not something that we can accept. Therefore, I would like to ask you as a consumer to take action:
If you usually buy gasoline or other products at a Shell-station, please consider stop doing that. It would also be helpful if you stop at a Shell-station and tell them why you do not shop at their station.

If you want to do something more, which is easy and fast. Take action together with Amnesty here.