The dark side of Freedom of expression in Sweden

Posted on February 2, 2012


Last week an organization, Asylgruppen, that is working with helping asylum-seekers through their aylum-process, posted a request to people in their network on Facebook asking them for help to hide a family that is in danger of being deported from Sweden. This is a very admirable action taken by this organization and they got a lot of responses. Unfortunately, many of the responses was from mischievous and cold-hearted human beings.
A racist web-site, Avpixlat, asked their readers to wrote to Asylgruppen and tell them that they were interested in helping the asylum-seekers. This action was performed only to deceive Asylgruppen and the poor family, so that the authorities could find them. If they had succeeded, the family would be on their way to the hell were they came from. Fortunately, Asylgruppen is not a bunch of gullible human beings and they rumbled the plan and could concentrate on the ones with a good intention. The behaviour by Avpixlat is unethical, but sadly tells me of which direction my country is heading, because the story does not end here as we dig deeper into the web-site.

The web-site’s main mission is to point out the problems with immigrants that comes to Sweden. Indirectly, they tell us that they only are here for the nice social welfare (they give birth to as many as possible to get more money) and that they provide for themselves and their families by stealing. Furthermore, they try to tell us that Islam is a dangerous religion and that they are all terrorists. I could go on with this forever, but I do not want to give up more space for their tragic ideology. It is sad for a country such as Sweden, that this site is up and running. But, there is one thing that is even more sad regarding Avpixlat.
The web-site has links (both direct (physical links) and indirectly) to the Swedish Democrats, a racist Party of the Swedish Parliament, as well as one of their Member of Parliament. I get anxious when a web-site such as this have the right to spread its propaganda by the help of a party of the Swedish Parliament. Terrible flashbacks hits me from the 1930’s Germany, when the evil Nazi-regime started their hunt against the Jews and other non-arian people. I can hear the march of intolerance in the distance and it makes me worried for my fellow human beings sake.

I defend the right to express yourself. But this is not a web-site that is there to joke about our differences, it is a serious threat to our society and I really would love to see it closed. Maybe someone with a good heart and nice technical skill could send them a Trojan that would end their mischievous deeds.