The Evil embassy of Syria in Sweden

Posted on January 24, 2012


Me, myself, can only imagine the terrible things an individual carrying with him/her, except for the regular luggage, when leaving his/her country. Then you dream of a sanctuary, where you can enjoy another country’s protection. When that country have given you the right to stay, you want to start the every day struggle just like the other human beings in that society, but of course peacefully. That country should be Sweden, but sadly it is not that sanctuary you wished for.

This weekend I met a lot of freedom-seeking exile-Syrians at a manifestation against the brutal regime in Syria on a square in the town of Malmoe, Sweden. It was a peaceful manifestation, as the ones that is taking place on similar squares in similar towns in Syria. I talked to people that had fled Syria 30 (!!!) years ago and that never had seen some of their family members.
During the manifestation I was also told that the regime of Syria’s embassy is harassing the exiled Syrians that is living in Sweden. For example, this autumn, the regime’s agents harassed and stopped people from protesting against a deportation of an asylum-seeker at the International airport in Stockholm. Many people that I am surrounded by during the manisfestation are targets for the Syrian regime and have received threats pointed at them, but also against their family members still in Syria. The Syrian embassy is of course denying that they have anything to do with the threats. Although, in seven other countries the Syrian embassies have been accused of similar actions against exile-Syrians and Amnesty says that this is probably taking place in other countries as well.

Is this something that I want to take place in my country? No, of course not.

Therefore, I have put together a letter to the Swedish government, urging them to close the Syrian embassy and deport the staff. I would like to ask you to send the below letter to the Swedish Prime Minister through this form: Write “The harassment of Syrians in Sweden by the Syrian regime” in the topic. For acknowledge you can send it to:

Dear Prime Minister,

The reason for me contacting You, is the situation for many exile-Syrians in Sweden. It has come to my knowledge that the Syrian embassy in Sweden, by the help of Syrians faithful to the regime in Sweden, is harassing Syrians in Sweden. They have threatened them and their relatives in Syria with death if they continue struggle for freedom in their country. It is not acceptable to use their diplomatic cards in this way and this must end. The treatment by the Syrian regime against its citizens in Syria is of course not acceptable either.

Therefore, I urge Your government to work towards a:
Closing of the Syrian embassy in Sweden;
Deportation of the embassy’s staff from Sweden;

Furthermore, I urge You to:
Take a stronger posture against the regime in Syria.

Yours Sincerely,