Sweden is sending asylum-seekers to “Paradise” (or Syria)

Posted on January 16, 2012


Syria is in flames and the rest of the world do not care about the heat. The brutal regime of assad is killing, torture and arbitrary detain human beings. This would be a wake up call for any authority belonging to a democratic and human rights-defending country, but not for my country, the kingdom of Sweden. Especially, if you are seeking a safe haven as an asylum-seeker.

The problem for the asylum-seekers is that it is not a conflict that is taking place in Syria. The Migration Board of Sweden is giving asylum to people if there is an ongoing conflict and not, as in the matter of Syria, if it is only the regime that is fighting against peaceful demonstrators. Heartbreaking news reach us every day and reports says that up to 6000 people have lost their lifes in the brutality since March 2011. These news do not affect the Swedish migration-politic and that is something that should be considered a crime against humanity.

Therefore, I would like to urge you my dear reader to take action on this matter by sending the letter below to:
mikael.ribbenvik@migrationsverket.se and in the subject line you write: Stop the deportation of people to Syria.

Dear Chief of Justice,

It is with great concern for the safety asylum-seekers from Syria that I contact You. The situation in Syria is critical, because of the actions by the brutal Assad-regime. Aproximately 6.000 fellow human beings have been killed by government forces since March 2011 (probably more) and unfortunately, day for day, we add even more.
Many of those that have fled Syria and that is trying to find a sanctuary in Sweden, is probably dissidents. If they go back they will be imprisoned, tortured or shot.

Therefore, I urge You to:
halt the deportations of asylum-seekers from Syria;

Furthermore, I urge You to:
halt deportations to other insecure areas of the world (Iraq, Afghanistan etc.)

Yours Sincerely,