Where is the money for rebuilding Haiti, World?

Posted on January 12, 2012


Today is the day that is forever drummed into the world’s mind. A day that turned the wonderful country and people of Haiti upside down, unfortunately both literally and figuratively speaking. It is 2 years since the news of the devastating earthquake reached our latitudes, but the interest died out at the same pace as the aftershocks did. Although, aware about the wonderful work by many different organizations in Haiti, I am not very impressed by our world’s State’s recognition of Haiti’s people’s life. Especially when it comes to the ones that stood at the UN and promised economic aid.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, many countries told the world that they would provide Haiti with economic support, enough to battle the problem with the infrastructure, healthcare and more. We are not talking thousands of dollars, we are talking millions that were promised to help Haiti to get back on the track. Apart from the millions of dollars promised for the urgent need, there must be an investment in the development of human rights as well. Human rights is violated on a regular basis and often it is the woman that pay the price. I am also, on a regular basis, reached by devastating news that the healthcare is still poor and that thousands of Haitians still is living in shelters, amongst other acute issues.

There must be some protocol from the meeting at UN, when the countries decided to support Haiti, telling us how much each country promised to give to help rebuild the country.
Because I wonder and many with me:
What happened with the promised money?
Which countries have paid?
Who is the “bailiff” that will remind/force the non-payers to open their wallets?

Therefore, I would like to ask the world for a monitoring mechanism on this matter. The mechanism must work with the above mentioned and other relevant questions. If we introduce this, countries that will be affected by natural disasters in the future, will be back in the world economy faster and it will benefit us all.

Finally, we must help the countries keep their promises, otherwise it will affect the credibly of the whole International Community.