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The Evil embassy of Syria in Sweden

January 24, 2012


Me, myself, can only imagine the terrible things an individual carrying with him/her, except for the regular luggage, when leaving his/her country. Then you dream of a sanctuary, where you can enjoy another country’s protection. When that country have given you the right to stay, you want to start the every day struggle just like […]

Sweden is sending asylum-seekers to “Paradise” (or Syria)

January 16, 2012


Syria is in flames and the rest of the world do not care about the heat. The brutal regime of assad is killing, torture and arbitrary detain human beings. This would be a wake up call for any authority belonging to a democratic and human rights-defending country, but not for my country, the kingdom of […]

Where is the money for rebuilding Haiti, World?

January 12, 2012


Today is the day that is forever drummed into the world’s mind. A day that turned the wonderful country and people of Haiti upside down, unfortunately both literally and figuratively speaking. It is 2 years since the news of the devastating earthquake reached our latitudes, but the interest died out at the same pace as […]