The Dark side of democracy in Sweden

Posted on December 11, 2011


Although, being a part of a society filled with freedom, I can see the downside of the belief in democracy. I am of course happy that Sweden possess a somewhat functional society of ethical and moral values. I defend democracy as the number one way to rule a country, but sometimes the freedom is letting some dark forces enter into action, which I will discuss down below.

When the population Sweden voted last year, the seated government stayed in power and that was unfortunate for the people that are living their life on the outskirts of the society. However, even more devastating was that a political party with racial and discriminatory agendas was welcomed into the Swedish Reichstag. That was a knuckle in the face of all of us that love a society filled with multitude and the right for people to love whom ever they want no matter gender. It was a gigantic blow at the democracy’s plea and maybe the regulation of the reichstag should be changed so that parties such as this cannot enter. But hopefully this will change ’til the next election, because I believe that they only got their seats through discontent of the other parties.

A couple of weeks ago, the above mentioned racial party had its annual meeting and for the first time it was transmitted through the Swedish national channels. They got a chance to try to show that they are not a racial party and they unfortunately somewhat succeeded, even if the enlightened Swede read between the lines. This is yet another point that is giving them some kind of sanctuary in the political parlor and it is also something that is providing fuel to the discussion about the problem with today’s democracy.

Finally, as we yesterday celebrated the Nobel Prices’ laureate in Stockholm and Oslo, the democracy reached an anticlimax. The Swedish authorities showed poor judgment when they, at the same day, allowed a Nazi demonstration in Stockholm. The ones that was responsible for the demonstration also showed a lack of respect for this day. However, the thing that really pulled the plug for me, was that it is allowed for these kind of inhuman organizations to carry out a demonstration in my country.

As I mentioned earlier, I defend the democracy that is filled with good ethical and moral values, with human rights on the top.

Although, I would like to see these changes in the 3 discussions above:

  • A racial party cannot be invited in the highest deciding body in Sweden, even if the votes is telling us so;
  • The National television in Sweden, should not allow a transmission from annual meetings or other official meetings arranged by a racial party or likewise;
  • The Swedish authorities cannot allow demonstrations arranged by immoral, racial or other organizations that has a bad influence on the population.

I understand that the way I reason here is probably disparaging the rights of the people that voted on the racial party, but that was not my intention. I just want to make the world aware about the mischievous elements that can dissimulate itself by the help of democracy.

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