Sweden is about to deport a 67-year old mentally retarded woman

Posted on November 24, 2011


Today, I would like to take the advantage to describe the climate of Sweden’s asylum- and migration-politic for you. It is cold as hell! Nowadays, it seems that this politic is following the change of seasons, from summer to winter. The decision-makers of my country are playing the part of Jack Frost and the ones that are looking for a place to be safe is the ground, which the decision-makers is trying to cover in snow.

After the deportation of the 91-year old senile and blind Ganna to Ukraine, I thought that that was the last time Sweden made such a devilish deed. But, as so many times before, when you believe that everyone is doing their best to improve the future for your fellow human beings, you get betrayed once again.
My country is planning to deport a retarded and epileptic 67-year old woman, Bahiya Jejje. A Senior Physician have said that Bahiya’s health would be in great danger if she is about to be deported. From the empathetic point of view, that would be enough to close the border for that woman. If that would not be enough, the next thing should. The very retarded country of mine is planning to send her back to her country of origin, which is Syria. Is it not a cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment to send a 67-year old retarded and epileptic to a country that is in flames? Moreover, she has no relatives back in Syria and she needs assistance almost all of the day in her home.

As usual the authorities are blaming this unbelievable decision on each other. The politicians say that we have laws that the workers at the Swedish Migration Board are supposed to follow and the Migration Board says that they follow the laws that was created by the politicians. In between stands the devastated human being that could be saved by just a little affection, if the decision-makers saw beyond the laws in these special circumstances.
The authorities says that they only can stop a deportation if it is an “extremely tender case”. Many reasonable human beings consider this to be such a case, but it looks like it is not enough.
Therefore, I would like to ask You to take action and send the message below to the authorities on different levels.
The Director for Legal Affairs of the Swedish Migration Board, Mikael Ribbenvik: mikael.ribbenvik@migrationsverket.se
The Minister of Migration, Tobias Billström (through registrator).

Dear Minister of Migration (or Dear The Director for Legal Affairs of the Swedish Migration Board)

I have always considered Sweden to be a country full of respect for a human beings’ life. Although, I have got myself an eye-opener on this, through the devastating news that has reached me.
You are about to deport a mentally retarded and epileptic 67-year old woman to a country that is in flames, Syria. Ms. Bahiya Jejje, has no relatives left there and at the moment I believe that the medical service has other issues to attend to nowadays, due to al-Assad’s harsh rule. A Senior Physician has said that it would be almost a death sentence to deport Bahiya to Syria.

Therefore, I would like to urge You to:
Not deport Ms. Bahiya Jejje to Syria;
Stop all deportations to Syria;

Yours Sincerely,