The Idaho’s Death penalty laid on Paul Rhoades

Posted on November 13, 2011


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The state of Idaho has not killed anybody for 17 years and we want it to stay that way. Please join me in sending the letter down below to: If You want You can use the subject in this post as the subject in Your e-mail.

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Dear Commissioners,

It has come to my knowledge that the State of Idaho is ready to start executing human beings again. It was 17 years since the last execution and it should stay that way. The death penalty is a cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment and do not belong in our enlightened world.

Paul Rhoades, was arrested on 25 March 1987 and charged with three separate murders committed over the previous month. Paul Rhoades was sentenced to death for his deed in 2 cases. In the third case, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. He has been on the death row since March 1988.

Paul Rhoades’ childhood was marked by physical, psychological and emotional abuse. His extended family history is replete with serious mental health and developmental difficulties – including substance abuse, depression, and suicides – and criminal conduct.

In the past four years, three states – New Jersey, New Mexico and Illinois – have legislated to abolish the death penalty. Signing these bills into law, the respective state governors pointed to the death penalty’s flaws, such as the risk of irrevocable error and unfairness, its discriminatory application, its costs and diversion of resources from crime prevention and victim-assistance, the lack of any proven special deterrent effect, and its potentially brutalizing effect on society.

Therefore, I would like to:
Express my concern that the State of Idaho is due to carry out its first execution in 17 years;
Explain that I am not seeking to downplay the seriousness of these crimes or the suffering caused;
Reconsider Paul Rhoades’ difficult background, and his positive efforts in prison to try to make amends for his crimes;
Call for clemency to be granted to Paul Rhoades.

Yours Sincerely,

Mikael Johansson
Bragegatan 5b
214 30 Malmoe

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