Wen Jiabao’s repentant over his leadership

Posted on November 5, 2011


If not already being a person that is persecuted or violated, I would like to ask you to imagine how it is and how this will affect your life in a family. Almost everyone of us have been mistreated in some way, but maybe not abused in the way that many people have been in less democratic countries that also provides a great lack of human rights. I can imagine that it is mentally deranging in every possible way and that I would have lost my reliance in my country’s actions for protecting the society against dissidents. Furthermore, I would probably never wanted to make someone suffer in the way, me and my family had and I would probably do anything to protect the rights that was broken to violate us. I have read an article about an individual that is telling us that he comes from a family that has been persecuted and violated. It is no surprise that I do that. But, when I understand that it is a leader of a country that is one of the strongest persecutors and violators of this world, it is getting really interesting.

The Head of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, Wen Jiabao, has made a confession that in my eyes are very remarkable. Mr. Wen was raised in an intellectual family during a time when it was even more dangerous to be an intellectual in China. His grandfather ran a school in the village, which was the only one that allowed girls to attend the lessons. The outcome of this was that his family suffered constant attacks from the government. Mr. Wen’s father, who was a teacher, could not continue his work and was introduced to labor on a pig-farm in the city’s outskirts instead. This was of course a hard hit against the family of Wen Jiabao.

Although, this seems to be something that is missing in Wen Jiabao’s memory, since he became and is still a leader of the beautiful, but demonic, People’s Republic. How can an individual that have tasted the bad flavor of a government’s work continue in the same direction? Especially, when you can here his own words of despair: “My childhood was spent in war and hardship. The poverty, turmoil and famine left an indelible imprint on my young soul”.
Having spent the youth under these circumstances, the proper action would be to chose the good side. Maybe, that is what he thought he did, because he wanted to change the road for China towards a development in science, truth-seeking, democracy and more. But, spending such a long time in the political lane should have been giving him an insight that, even if there was a march in the progressive field, the democracy and human rights was almost ruled out. Those gigantic steps that is needed to be taken to become a real country and that left Mr. Wen with scars from his youth.

This talk about his family is maybe something that has to do with him leaving his post in the near future. I would like to suggest that the article’s speech is one of regret for not standing up for his family’s history. In the speech he said that democracy was the only way for China to develop further. I would say that those words is the one that he thinks will save his skin. Unfortunately, for you, Mr. Wen Jiabao, your words can not erase what you have been a part of through the eyes of your persecuted and violated population. It is not just George W that should be asked to take responsibility.