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Sweden’s (un)fortunate business with Bahrain

November 28, 2011


The other day, I wrote a post about the tragic sale of weapon to Saudi-Arabia by the Swedish authorities. This deed made me of course as a Swede very shameful. However, the shameful feeling still remains and is beginning to increase, when I learn from reliable sources that my country is doing an equally lesser […]

Sweden is about to deport a 67-year old mentally retarded woman

November 24, 2011


Today, I would like to take the advantage to describe the climate of Sweden’s asylum- and migration-politic for you. It is cold as hell! Nowadays, it seems that this politic is following the change of seasons, from summer to winter. The decision-makers of my country are playing the part of Jack Frost and the ones […]

Sweden’s military cooperation with the dictatorship of Saudi-Arabia

November 19, 2011


How long will Sweden be a part of the killing of thousands of freedom-seeking fellow human beings? How can we live with the knowledge that our welfare is increasing through the revenues that the sale of weapons generates, simultaneously as we strengthen dictatorships’ defense against a more democratic society and human rights? It is something […]

The Idaho’s Death penalty laid on Paul Rhoades

November 13, 2011


Dear Reader, I hope You have had a pleasant weekend! The state of Idaho has not killed anybody for 17 years and we want it to stay that way. Please join me in sending the letter down below to: If You want You can use the subject in this post as the subject in […]

Sweden supported by the Syrian regime to deport people

November 8, 2011


Dear Reader, Hope you are having a wonderful evening! It is with great concern over the deeds by my country Sweden that I am writing this. It has come to my knowledge that my country is still sending people back to countries where they probably face the death. Even more remarkable this time, is that […]

Wen Jiabao’s repentant over his leadership

November 5, 2011


If not already being a person that is persecuted or violated, I would like to ask you to imagine how it is and how this will affect your life in a family. Almost everyone of us have been mistreated in some way, but maybe not abused in the way that many people have been in […]