Despite appeal for 91-year old women, Sweden send her back to Ukraine

Posted on October 17, 2011


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a 91-year old women who would be sent back to her home-country, although, suffering from senile dementia, nearly blind and heart-problems. The deportation was stopped and everyone with a heart filled of empathy were cheering that decision, but as usual when it comes to authorities, the happiness did not last long. The Swedish Migration Board could not even this time, let humanity affect the decision and Ganna Chyzhevska is sentenced to death through a one way ticket out of Sweden tomorrow, the 18th of October.

When I first heard about Ganna and her deportation, I was surprised to learn that my country was committing this crime against humanity to a 91-year old human being. My grandmother is 91-years old and I would be horrified if a similar thing would happen to her. I guess that this means that no decision maker at the Swedish Migration Board has a grandmother or -father as old as Ganna.
Furthermore, she does not have any relatives in Ukraine, because they are all in Sweden. Sweden can provide her with medical care that will give her peace as she move towards the end of her life, which I do not believe Ukraine can.

The handling officers at the Swedish Migration Board has done what they are expected to do and followed the rules, when handling her case. She should be sent of to Ukraine. Of course, rules are to be followed. But Ganna’s case witness of total ignorance of ethical and moral values. Flexibility is something that Migration Boards all over the world should consider. Furthermore, an expert on senile dementia has gone through 3 doctor’s reports regarding Ganna and she will probably, due to the stressful situation, face a quick death.

The Swedish authorities must stop the deportation of Ganna or bring her back to Sweden. Finally, the Swedish authorities must be more flexible when it comes to cases such as this. No law should overthrow common sense or ethical and moral values!