Hear the silence so loud from the Swedish Government

Posted on September 24, 2011


Dawit Isaak, a Swedish journalist, is behind bars in a country that is mocking our values in the department of rights: Eritrea. He has been imprisoned for ten years now and he is probably in bad shape, because of the extremely inhumane conditions in his prison. If he is still alive that is. The Swedish government has up til now, the ten years anniversary of his imprisonment, done everything they can to not raise their voices against this travesty of justice. He is not convicted of any crime and he has never ever seen a lawyer. This is really saddening for anyone believing in every human beings undeniable rights and of course for Dawit’s family. This tragic story becomes even more sad, when I hear that he was released from the prison for three days in 2005.

On the most reliable source, dawitisaak.com, I read that my fellow citizen was released on the 19th of November 2005, to his family’s joy. He told his family that he was in pretty good shape, apart from a high blood-pressure. Although, The happiness did not last for long. 3 days after the release he was once again behind bars and as before without being prosecuted for any crime. He was arrested when he tried to see a doctor for his problems with the blood-pressure.

We have seen for a long time how the regime of Eritrea is working. They say that Dawit Isaak is only a matter for Eritrea and no other country has the right to his person. The Eritrean Republic of Gerrymandering should sometimes be treated the same way.
That is why I wonder why the Swedish Government did not act when they heard that Isaak was released. He was free for 3 days and the embassy of Sweden had every chance in the world to pick him up and bring him out of the country in anyway necessary. A little help from the Swedish Security Service, would not have been to much to ask for. The Swedish Government had no problem to play dirty when they helped the US pick up two Egyptians in Sweden and bring them back to Egypt.

I do not urge countries in the world to play a dirty political game. However, when it comes to a undemocratic regime such as Eritrea I would not mind. Especially, when my country can help an individual to leave a hopeless situation.
Therefore, when the next time a Swedish citizen is released, do not wait and see, act immediately!

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