Well, then we heard the truth about the future of Libya’s oil…

Posted on September 11, 2011


Then came the truth about why many of this worlds’ sincerely helpful countries provided Libya with their assistance. Of course, we all wanted to believe that it was for a better future for the Libyan people and a new fresh start with a rule that has its foundations in human rights. But after reading an excerpt from an interview with an official from the French government in a newspaper, I sadly came to realize why the Western world came to rescue like so many times before.

A newspaper released the not so sensational news that the NTC – rebel’s council in Libya – made a deal with French oil-companies, giving them the right to 1/3 of the Libyan oil-fields. These kind of promises disturb me and I wonder how the rebels can negotiate in that way only being in a transitional position. Even more disturbing is the fact that the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe thought, although not having heard about that deal, it was a good idea. He said that it is
logical and fair that the countries that have helped the rebels should something in return. Furthermore, he added that the operation to liberate Libya has cost a lot of money for France.

This kind of action is something that is really making me lose my already hurt trust in politicians and the great powers in the world. How can this be something that is tolerated by the world’s citizens? Why can we not see beyond the profit, when where doing something good for a fellow human being?
These questions I leave for the world leaders to answer, if they dare, because they should make the good example.

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