Anyone else from the world of richness that bothers?

Posted on September 5, 2011


Why can a company such as the globally working IKEA*, give away so much money as they do to the Horn of Africa? Do they earn more money than other big companies?

No, I do not believe that they have more money than other big companies. Maybe they just have a better pounding heart for the world’s fellow human beings. Other big companies have the same resources as IKEA, but many of them just want to fill their own pockets with as much money they can, because their owners tell them to do so. Some do a beloved effort in the everyday life, but that is sadly often just to show off. Many move to less developed countries and say that it is to give that country a chance in the world’s economical game plan, but has often something else in their mind: a traditional greed. A greed that contains abuse of workers, environment and the state in general (to check companies abuses: Corporate Watch).

There are so many companies that have the same chance as IKEA to prevent the ongoing tragedy from becoming even worse. A couple of million bucks would move some of the unfortunate people’s life towards a better a future or a future at all. It is not enough to give alternatives to the customers to act by putting some money in a money-box or round-up when using their VISA-card. It is the owners that have to open their purses which are often filled with blood-money. Your big company can make a difference!

Now it is up to us consumers to put some pressure on these gigantic companies and ask them to help the unfortunate just like IKEA. Then the companies should put some pressure on the countries where they act from, because many countries have not yet provided the Horn with enough help.

* This beloved action from IKEA is maybe a tactical one, trying to turn the spotlight from the recently dreadful news that the family of the founder Ingvar Kamprad supported the Nazi-regime in Germany.