A journalist’s burden

Posted on September 2, 2011


It is a great dismay for me as a defender of human rights that my country has a huge problem with helping journalists that is held in custody in other countries. A couple of them is held in countries where those in power rule in a way George Orwell (1984) would be jealous over.

At first, we have the tragedy with Dawit Isaak, born Eritrean but with a Swedish citizenship. He is imprisoned in his native country that is defying the values and rights we see as number one. It is terrible to see my government not taking a greater responsibility in this matter and help him see the the bars from the outside. He should like any other human being feel the sweet taste of solidarity from our rule, but he is only “half” Swedish so maybe he is not worth it.

At the moment Martin Schibbye och Johan Persson, two freelance journalists, is held in custody in Ethiopia, a country that harbor the same view on human rights as Eritrea. They are imprisoned because of their interest in providing the rest of the world with the news of great human rights violations in Ethiopia, something that the government there dislike. As I write this, I have learned from reliable sources that the court-hearings are upheld another month, which means that their suffering continues. Since they working as freelancers they are not entitled to any help by a newspaper. The country Sweden do not support them economically either.

This irresponsibility from my right-loving country is unacceptable and I urge my country to do everything for these peace-loving individuals.
Furthermore, I would like to ask my country to give every citizen of Sweden economic assistance if they would end up in the same situation as the unfortunate above.

There are many journalists over this fragile world that is in the same situation and the two demands above should be applied on them as well. You can stand up for every journalist in the world by raising your voice on the matter. Check into this web-site for further information about violations against journalists.