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Hear the silence so loud from the Swedish Government

September 24, 2011


Dawit Isaak, a Swedish journalist, is behind bars in a country that is mocking our values in the department of rights: Eritrea. He has been imprisoned for ten years now and he is probably in bad shape, because of the extremely inhumane conditions in his prison. If he is still alive that is. The Swedish […]

Sweden sending back a 91-year old woman to Ukraine

September 21, 2011


Over the last couple of years I have become more and more skeptical to the Swedish roughness against people that are fleeing something that violates them and that are trying to find a better future in my country (which I dare to call anyone’s country). The Swedish Migration Board has closed its borders for communication […]

Well, then we heard the truth about the future of Libya’s oil…

September 11, 2011


Then came the truth about why many of this worlds’ sincerely helpful countries provided Libya with their assistance. Of course, we all wanted to believe that it was for a better future for the Libyan people and a new fresh start with a rule that has its foundations in human rights. But after reading an […]

Anyone else from the world of richness that bothers?

September 5, 2011


Why can a company such as the globally working IKEA*, give away so much money as they do to the Horn of Africa? Do they earn more money than other big companies? No, I do not believe that they have more money than other big companies. Maybe they just have a better pounding heart for […]

A journalist’s burden

September 2, 2011


It is a great dismay for me as a defender of human rights that my country has a huge problem with helping journalists that is held in custody in other countries. A couple of them is held in countries where those in power rule in a way George Orwell (1984) would be jealous over. At […]