Fortunate – No need for a struggle

Posted on August 22, 2011


In the fortunate world I live in, in the beautiful country of Sweden, we do not have the urge to struggle for anything, even if we should. Not to say that people do not struggle everyday to get the best out of life, but if they do they often do it for their own sake. Some people in the world I live in, is living under the standard that is set for a dreadful living and there is so much more that the social welfare could do to bring that standard back to status quo. Sadly, that is something that is not going to change if we all set our own agenda for happiness and do not care about what will happen to our neighbor.

The society I live in is trying to make people less independent on each other, mostly by the politicians that is in power. They have an individual point of view when it comes to almost everything. In the school-world they only seem to award the top notch that comes from wealthy families. Companies is also trying to make their workers more egoistic, especially when it comes to salaries.
Retired people do not get enough money, although, they have helped the society to earn a lot of money. They have to visit the social welfare and almost go down on their knees to be handed some money that will provide them with some cat-food to eat. Unfortunate individuals that has physical or psychical problem, either from the birth or a job, is being cut off from any support at all and are supposed to get a job, even if they cannot walk at all. A handful of these less fortunate individuals have taken their own life.
When the society is heading towards that direction, you can sure know that this is not something that will improve the population that is already diminished in many things. The ones that have the power will get even more powerful and bring even more money back home to their palaces. The survival of the fittest seems to last even longer than forever.

What can we prescribe against this plague that is tormenting many of the proper-life seeking individuals? Can we turn the wheels around and start to see things collectively, without being accused of being a fucking Commi? Yes, I believe that is the only remedy we can put on this emerging problem. We must come together and become more active such as our brothers/sisters/bristers in the Arab world. Otherwise, the difference between the rich and the poor will become even larger. We will end up with more individuals that have money-problems and many more will fall of the wagon in to some kind of abuse.

It is not just the ones that is in trouble that have to come together. We, the people of fortune must come to their help and show solidarity, otherwise this country will become a society with fear and sadness. A poor country with a people that is poor when it comes to wealth, happiness and knowledge.
Let us all join our hands in the “Good Society” and raise them together and fight for the life we all should have.

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