Swedish intolerance for the beautiful Roma people

Posted on June 30, 2011


People that is struggling all day long, everyday in their life, to survive should have a medal of honor. That is how I see the beautiful Roma people. It is not just that they have to struggle for the survival, they do it with no respect from other human beings whatsoever. People look and treat them if they had the Black Death. As a world citizen like me it is devastating to see that the country I am brought up in, has lost its tolerance against human beings who is struggling for their survival.

The other day I learned from the national news that Sweden did wrong when the police arrested and sent 26 Roma people back to Romania last year. The “crime” the Roma people committed were begging and loafing. The Ombudsman for Justice is now criticizing that deportation, because begging and loafing are not crimes in the Swedish national law. It should never be a crime to try to stay alive. Although, if the poor creature is trafficked it can be a problem, but it is not the individual that should be blamed and he/she should not be arrested. There are gangs that are using beggars to collect money and the beggars have to give the collected money to their “master”.

The above treatment of the Roma people is not something new in the European society. It has been like this for a long, long time and Europe should be ashamed of the treatment of this peace-seeking minority. We must stop using the Roma people as a quarry and start to protect them against the racial organized community in the Union. I would like to suggest something to the great European Union, that maybe can help the Roma people develop in their own direction in the future.

Give them a large piece of land in a part of Europe, where a human being can live and do not give them a place that is full of people. Help them build houses with all the sanitary requirements needed. Build hospitals and schools that has doctors, nurses and teachers familiar with the Roma society. Give the youth playgrounds, recreation centers and sport centers. Let them enjoy their cultural heritage by building many, many cultural centers. And give them more of everything.
Finally, provide them with a democratic ground to stand on with equal rights for everyone. But listen to what the different human beings of the Roma people with other color, sex, sexual nature, language, religion, political or other opinion, social origin, property, birth or other status, has to say. From my point of view, it is only when this is fulfilled that the “Forgotten” people can start to enjoy their life.

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