Haiti sends a reminder-bill to the world

Posted on June 23, 2011


I feel ashamed. Ashamed over the fact that I, who see myself as a caring creature, have forgotten a lot about the wonderful West-Indian kingdom of Haiti. Forgotten about how the people of that kingdom is trying to survive day to day in that hell-hole and forgotten about the heroes/heroines that is trying to improve it. How can I let myself forget about the sad day of January 2010 that unfortunately figuratively turned the kingdom of Haiti upside down. But even more important where is the world’s society when they are needed the most.

Most of this world’s countries held a loveable speech where they said that they would do everything imaginable for Haiti in the aftermath of the terrible “shake”. But as many, many times before, there were no substance in the speeches and Haiti was duped. Of course, during a couple of months after the quake, when the headlines in the press, TV and on the Web contained the word Haiti the world’s countries supported. Why cannot anyone seem to hold their promises?
If the world leaders think that Haiti is rebuilt, then you better think again. Because your money and support is needed more than ever. With your effort you can build a new future for the citizens of Haiti.

Where is the money that every country told the world that they would invest in rebuilding Haiti? Who is responsible for keeping track of those who have paid and the ones who have not? I want to see some evidence in form of receipts that will bring some clarity in where the world stands in its debt to Haiti. Please, make that information available through the social media, so that we know who we will honor and who we will chase.

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