Once again struck by my country Sweden’s lack of understanding for humanity

Posted on June 3, 2011


Once again I get devastated over the fact that my once so humane country is not defending people that risks violation. Two individuals, formerly from Belarus, are at risk of being deported to Lukashenko-land and every reasonable human being knows that that can be a one way ticket to the Kingdom of Death. Especially, since the individuals are, as the regime of Belarus see it: “sick”, because they are contagious with the homosexuality-germ.

Karyna and Irina met each other a couple of years ago and fell in immortal love. Unfortunately, people surrounding them could not understand that it was just all about love and relatives started to show them a hateful side. The surrounding society also started to threaten them in the worst kind of ways, for example, trying to sexually abuse Karyna at her work just because she was a lesbian. Both lost their work and when they contacted the Union, they were asked to stop “practice” their homosexuality. A couple of weeks before deciding to leave Belarus they were harassed and threatened with a knife, just because of the fact that they showed their love in public by holding each other’s hands. They contacted the authorities who did not treat them well either, as a matter of fact they were threatened with imprisonment and even more abuse.

They fled this fearful situation and ended up in Sweden about 2 years ago, with hope for a better future and in a place that is more open to difference. The last dream came true, since they were treated well by the inhabitants of the city they ended up in. Unfortunately, the dream of a better future is not yet fulfilled, because of the authorities lack of understanding and the bad check of the regime in Belarus. They only want to live together in peace as every other couple in every society. Enjoy their love in front of everyone, without being harassed or violated.

Therefore, the authorities of Sweden has to give Karyna and Irina a grant to stay in Sweden. The authorities also need to be better on research, regarding the countries they will send back people to. I do not want to live in a country that send people back to risk of any kind of human rights abuses.

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