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Swedish intolerance for the beautiful Roma people

June 30, 2011


People that is struggling all day long, everyday in their life, to survive should have a medal of honor. That is how I see the beautiful Roma people. It is not just that they have to struggle for the survival, they do it with no respect from other human beings whatsoever. People look and treat […]

Haiti sends a reminder-bill to the world

June 23, 2011


I feel ashamed. Ashamed over the fact that I, who see myself as a caring creature, have forgotten a lot about the wonderful West-Indian kingdom of Haiti. Forgotten about how the people of that kingdom is trying to survive day to day in that hell-hole and forgotten about the heroes/heroines that is trying to improve […]

Youth in Sweden urges for dictatorship

June 17, 2011


The last couple of weeks there have been a discussion in Sweden regarding a survey made by the company World Values Survey. The company made a survey amongst 1200 people and among them youth aged 18-29 years. 2 of the questions they got was regarding democracy’s right to be and if they got paid or […]

Once again struck by my country Sweden’s lack of understanding for humanity

June 3, 2011


Once again I get devastated over the fact that my once so humane country is not defending people that risks violation. Two individuals, formerly from Belarus, are at risk of being deported to Lukashenko-land and every reasonable human being knows that that can be a one way ticket to the Kingdom of Death. Especially, since […]