Home-help service in Sweden “forgets” Lisa 87

Posted on May 20, 2011


A rough story hits my face delivered by a Swedish news-agency. Lisa, a woman that has struggled all her life to help build the country of Sweden, so that everyone can enjoy their retirement from the work that probably divested them from happiness, was forgotten by the home-help service. It is a tragedy to hear her telling us that she waited for help that never arrived. A woman that is not surrounded by family and friends, gets even more alone in these kind of situations.

Why did this happen to Lisa? Well, without having heard the responsible defending themselves on this matter, I sure know why this happened. We are all aware of that time have an enormous cost in the eyes of a company (authorities acting like one) and they urge for quantity rather than quality. Almost every authority in the world only see human beings’ worth in money, both their employees and their customers.
When you look at it through that glasses, you right away understand why this happened to Lisa. The reason that the employees forgot about Lisa was that they had to much to handle, i.e., not enough staff to secure that every one of our old fighters get enough attention. The elder’s rights do not mean shit when it comes to the authorities urge to save as much money as possible.

Therefore, I would like to ask the authorities to start look at their customers and employees through a more long-term perspective. The cost will be even bigger if the authorities continue to not have enough staff, because people will fall apart both physically and mentally. Employees will put themselves on the sick-list much more and in the long run they will leave the work as they will be sick of the treatment they receive. This lead to authorities employing staff that is not qualified for these kinds of work, which means that it will affect the customer in the end. The customer (if remembered) will not feel comfortable with a new person every time the customer need help. When Lisa and the other elders protest they are not heard, because they are sent back to their youth and they once again will hear: “We know what is best for you”.

Dear authority, if You do not want to be forgotten when You become old and need home-help service, please bring back the individual to the first square and leave the money behind!

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