The Racist Wind strikes another goal, now in Soccer Les Bleus of France

Posted on May 8, 2011


For a couple of years the country of France has shown strong tendencies to dislike people that have their origin from another part of the world. The latest ethnic group that was being withheld its rights and shown out of the country was people belonging to the Roma community. Now the racism and discrimination have reached the most popular and disputed French national soccer teams, Les Bleus.

I have stumbled upon some delicate information about the deeds of the Soccer Federation in France. In 2010, they decided that only 30 % of the players in the French soccer academies can have another origin than a French one. This information is provided to us by the Net paper Mediapart.
This kind of action from the Federation is a systematic discrimination, that in the long run will hinder people with other backgrounds than French to become successful in Soccer. I would like to compare this to the action that families in different societies do when they give the boys more to eat than the girls. This action is also mirroring the French society overall, says a prominent ex-coach regarding this unfortunate decision.

The reason for the federation to act in this way seems to have something to do with the problems during the 2010 WC. Some players with other origin than French, are said to have been responsible for the bad environment and the bad result during last summer’s WC. But as we rational thinkers see it, this had nothing to do with origin, just different personalities that did not get along.
Instead of making that dreadful decision they should have looked back at the French soccer history and especially their most joyful moment, the WC in 1998, when they won in their own backyard.

The success in 1998 was not just a French affair. If you look at the participants of the French National Soccer team you can see that there were over 10 players in the troop that had its origin elsewhere in the world. Furthermore, in the final game against soccer’s immortal country Brazil, France had 5 players descent from outside of its country. Finally, the double goal-scorer for France Zinedine Zidane, has its origin in Algeria.
If the French Soccer Federation do not see the discriminatory view as enough to withdraw its decision, then maybe they should look at the above mentioned WC, if they want, in the future, to once again become champions of the world.

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