Take action to urge China to release the Jasmine revolution activists

Posted on May 7, 2011


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There have been a lot of concentrations on the ongoing revolutions in the Arab-world and that is very welcomed. Although, there is also a forever-going revolution in China that needs to be more promoted. There are still many people that is imprisoned for their rights to express themselves. You can act by sending the letter below to: pfmaster@legalinfo.gov.cn and a copy to chinaemb_se@mfa.gov.cn (if You live in Sweden), otherwise You can find Chinese embassies accredited to Your country here: http://embassy.goabroad.com/

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Dear Minister of Justice,

It is with great concern that I contact You. It has come to my knowledge that Ding Mao, Ran Yunfei and Chen Wei, Jasmine revolution activists were formally arrested between March 25 and March 28 on charges of “inciting of subversion of state power”. I fear that everyone of them can face torture and/or any degrading treatment.

It is in every human beings right to express themselves and therefore I would like to:
Call on the authorities to release Ding Mao, Ran Yunfei, Chen Wei, Liang Haiyi immediately and
unconditionally unless the authorities can show reasonable grounds for suspecting them of having
committed an internationally-recognizable criminal offence;
Call on them to release Hua Chunhui immediately and unconditionally;
Urge the authorities to ensure that the five have immediate and ongoing access to family, legal representation of their choice, and any medical care they may require; and guarantee that the five will not be tortured or ill-treated;
Urge the authorities to take effective measures to guarantee freedom of expression, association and
peaceful assembly in line with China’s Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and political Rights which China has signed and declared an intention to ratify.

Yours Sincerely,

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