The Legacy of the Martyr – Will it make them stronger?

Posted on May 3, 2011


Even the ones that have longed for his death are now standing perplexed. They were determined that they had to deliver his head on a plate to show its citizens that they can accomplish something. Although, maybe they should have paid that scenario a second thought.

What will happen now?, is the Question that echoes all over this planet at the moment. The news has already arrived that there is someone else that is taking over the movement and probably with the same dedication to their mission. Or maybe they have an even greater determination to give the western world a hard time. Has the payback time arrived to honor the dead leader and make him the martyr he probably was longing for? Many admired him for his efforts when he lived and I believe that that admiration will become even stronger now when he is dead.

You can probably expect that more human beings will be brain-washed and sent of to fight in the holy war. More young people will urge to become suicide bombers and dedicate that action to the late leader. Pictures of him will be spread on everything imaginable and the day of the death will become an annual celebration.

I really do hope that this is a scenario that will not go into action, but I am not sure that it can be avoided.
Of course, I do not know if the same would have been at risk of happening if he had been arrested and imprisoned. But if I suggest that, I would dishonor the human beings that lost their life’s on 9/11.

Instead I just end this realist point of view with the most unerringly cliche I know: Violence feeds violence.

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