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Appeal for human rights defender Mr Dipal Barua in Bangladesh

May 29, 2011


Dear beautiful reader and fighter! Mr Dipal Barua is a human rights defender from the amazing country of Bangladesh. His struggle for his fellow human beings is hurting his everyday life, since there is some organized struggle against people like him (sanctioned or not sanctioned by the government no one can say at the moment). […]

Appeal for Radio-peronalities in El Salvador and Honduras

May 23, 2011


Dear wonderful reader, Today I would like to ask you to take the chance to help protect Radio-personalities in El Salvador and Honduras, that has received death threats for their right to express themselves. I have put together 2 appeals, one for El Salvador and one for Honduras, that would make me happy if you […]

Home-help service in Sweden “forgets” Lisa 87

May 20, 2011


A rough story hits my face delivered by a Swedish news-agency. Lisa, a woman that has struggled all her life to help build the country of Sweden, so that everyone can enjoy their retirement from the work that probably divested them from happiness, was forgotten by the home-help service. It is a tragedy to hear […]

Take action: Iranian Man to Be Blinded with Acid by the regime

May 13, 2011


Dear Reader, I hope You are having a great end of the week! Down below is an appeal about a terrible crime the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to commit in about 48 hours. You can act to stop that violation by sending the letter below to these decision makers and […]

The Racist Wind strikes another goal, now in Soccer Les Bleus of France

May 8, 2011


For a couple of years the country of France has shown strong tendencies to dislike people that have their origin from another part of the world. The latest ethnic group that was being withheld its rights and shown out of the country was people belonging to the Roma community. Now the racism and discrimination have […]

Take action to urge China to release the Jasmine revolution activists

May 7, 2011


Dear Reader, I hope You are having a most tremendous weekend so far! There have been a lot of concentrations on the ongoing revolutions in the Arab-world and that is very welcomed. Although, there is also a forever-going revolution in China that needs to be more promoted. There are still many people that is imprisoned […]

The Legacy of the Martyr – Will it make them stronger?

May 3, 2011


Even the ones that have longed for his death are now standing perplexed. They were determined that they had to deliver his head on a plate to show its citizens that they can accomplish something. Although, maybe they should have paid that scenario a second thought. What will happen now?, is the Question that echoes […]