A democracy’s wrong-doings

Posted on April 30, 2011


For me, as a defender of human rights and democracy, a democratic country is one that protect people from being exposed to violations. Therefore, I would like to question my own country, Sweden, when it comes to this.

I see my own country as one that is fulfilling people’s dreams of living in peace and justice. Therefore, it is with sadness in my mind and heart that I hear that my country is working in the opposite direction. My country should be free for everyone that is looking for freedom and who wants to avoid human rights violations.

People that originally comes from the Islamic Republic of Iran, are being sent back from Sweden to that awful regime. A regime that is treating its citizens as they were something else than human beings. It seems that the Government of Sweden is missing the point on what democracy is. I would like to remind them that democracy is not violations against human beings.

The regime is oppressing:
People with other religions
and they execute human beings that are under 18

I urge my country to stop deport people to the Islamic Republic of Iran and to start protest against the same regime!

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