What is wrong with Dawit Isaak?

Posted on April 22, 2011


Dear Government of Sweden,

I would like to make you aware of the fact that there is a Swedish citizen that has been put away in a dark prison cell in the country of Eritrea (if You do not where You can find that country, I suggest that You take a look at a map of Africa). The journalist Mr. Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for far too many, many, many days by the Eritrean regime. Mr. Isaak is having double citizenship, but that do not defend the treatment committed against him, and now I am reached of the news that there is 3 human beings that have died in the prison where he is being held. His family is devastated over the fact that they do not know if Dawit is among the dead.

What is wrong with Mr. Dawit Isaak? Why do not the Swedish Government raise their voices more against the regime of Eritrea. Is he not worth as much as me as a Swedish citizen, since he also is an Eritrean citizen? Do Sweden lose some profits if complaining on Eritrea’s behavior?
What must happen in that mischievous country, to make the EU, AU, UN and others to act?

Can those in power explain to me, the world and foremost to the family of Mr. Isaak and other families that is living without knowing, what have happened to their beloved ones and why You do not take Your responsibility?

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