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A democracy’s wrong-doings

April 30, 2011


For me, as a defender of human rights and democracy, a democratic country is one that protect people from being exposed to violations. Therefore, I would like to question my own country, Sweden, when it comes to this. I see my own country as one that is fulfilling people’s dreams of living in peace and […]

What is wrong with Dawit Isaak?

April 22, 2011


Dear Government of Sweden, I would like to make you aware of the fact that there is a Swedish citizen that has been put away in a dark prison cell in the country of Eritrea (if You do not where You can find that country, I suggest that You take a look at a map […]

Appeal for Yong Vui Kong in Singapore sentenced to death for smuggling

April 14, 2011


Dear reader, I hope you have had a pleasant evening/day so far! There is a man that is sentenced to death for smuggling in Singapore. If you would like to say something about it you can send the message down below to: and a copy to Thanx in advance! To Minister of Foreign […]

A Dirty Dozen of the World

April 10, 2011


In any continent you may end up, there will be a country that is treating it citizen’s in a not so dreamlike (if it is not a nightmare of course). Many leaders of this country uses its power to manipulate and offer money to supporters surrounding them. Some of them are also supported by religious […]

Appeal for democracy activist Liu Xianbin

April 1, 2011


Dear Reader, Hope you have had a pleasant weekend so far! Now you have the chance to help the Chinese democracy activist Liu Xianbin and hopefully change his situation. Send the following text to with a copy to a Chinese embassy accredited to your country which you can find here Thanx in advance! […]