To feel bad, is not enough to feel good

Posted on March 27, 2011


To live in a good way is not enough to live good. When You leave something that have been hurting You in every possible way for a long time, You probably will feel wonderful. But taking that leap is sadly not accepted by the surroundings that You live Your life in. The Swedish society (the government, etc.) do not feel as good as You when You feel good and in the end they do not let You feel good.

If You have been devastated for a couple of months or years at the place You work, with the classical lump in Your stomach when You go to work, Your mind hopefully tells You: “this do not work”! Then You take the leap from Your secure work, with the secure payment to provide for Your “luxury-filled” life that the system lured You in to, right out in the blue.
Out in the blue is where the society is supposed to catch Your furious fall, with the safety nets that should bring You back to life. But the society says no way, and the things You search for in life that would provide You with a feeling of well-being drifts further and further away. The society hold You responsible for the way You feel and the company that You had been working for is getting away with their deeds, which means that they will continue to produce mentally damaged gods to the society.

For my fellow human beings that have been hurt by the above system and for them who is still in the shackles not able to break free, I urge the society to take action and start listen to these human beings. Otherwise we, the elder generation, will have to take care of the new mentally ill generation and humanity will move backwards in development.

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