Zimbabwe – A dog that we cannot learn to sit?

Posted on March 19, 2011


We have believed in the promising words of Mr. Mugabe too much, regarding Zimbabwe’s development to justice and human rights for everyone in that country. Many countries in the world sadly seems to believe him even more. Hearing about bad deeds committed by the supporters of ZANU-PF, the ruling party, sanctioned by the president is really making the anger rising up inside. How can an individual like Mugabe go from struggling for justice and rights himself for his fellow citizens, to become a top ten Grinch of the dictator-list?

Read in the newspaper today that 6 human beings in Zimbabwe is in danger of being executed. Their crime is that they had watched a movie about the revolution in Egypt during a lecture. They will be released on bail, but they will still be charged, which can end with a death sentence. This arbitrary action is a tragedy and we need to echo it out to the rest of the world.

This kind of treatment of human beings as the one above gives me fuel to contact my country’s Foreign Ministry and I hope you will do that too. Compose a notice to them using my suggestions:

Dear Foreign Minister,

The Swedish government must:
More actively criticize the treatment of Zimbabwe’s citizens by the regime.
Make EU take more actions against the government of Zimbabwe.

Finally, if the state of Sweden has any interest concerning business inside Zimbabwe, I suggest that You withdraw them, as well as urge Swedish companies that is active there to do the same thing.

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