Are they for real?

Posted on March 16, 2011


Sitting and watching a TV-program on the Swedish national channel 2. It is about homosexuality and the part of the program that is the most startling is the part about Uganda. There are interviews with 2 defenders of a traditional heterosexual society and they are extreme in their expressions about it.

One of the interviewed is the editor of the Ugandan newspaper Rolling Stone, that were responsible for an article about 100 of the most “dangerous” homosexuals in Uganda. When hearing him talk about how he would turn his own grand-children in to the police if they say that they are gay, makes me wonder if he is for real. The homosexuals is responsible for everything bad that happens in the Ugandan society and he will do everything to stand up for the moral in the country. He also stand up for the new law that is up to the test regarding execution of homosexuals and there is where his moral ends. I usually not recommend people to do something bad to themselves, but I would like to urge him to go to the clinic and ask the doctor to cut “the line” of that is pushing his “little fellows” in to the woman. All this, because it will be no good if more of that kind of moral protectors shows up in this world.

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